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Hello, hello!

My name is Meredith, I'm 19, I live in St. Paul, I am attending the Metropolitan State University, majoring in Professional Communication, with a minor in Theater. I love performing and being in the spotlight. I also love, love, love Disney (favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty), my boyfriend Chris (2 years going strong!) and enjoy a good debate every now and then. Go ahead, challenge me!

I'm looking for other fans of Disney to add as I just created my livejournal so I'm getting to know everybody. Also: I'm pro-life, and am also an avid supporter of gay rights, as I have a gay brother who I love and am very proud of, so if you can't handle that, don't add me!) Other than that, I'm very welcoming, so please, add me! I love reading about other people and if you're interesting enough, I just might never stop commenting ;)

C'mon, add me!
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