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I borrowed the q&a's from someone else

Name: Sarah
Location: Tempe Arizona
Age: 22

Favorite Disney Movies

♥ Alice in Wonderland
♥ Mulan
♥ The Little Mermaid
♥ Cinderella
♥ Dumbo
♥ Home on the Range
♥ Peter Pan
♥ Robin Hood

Tho I do love most of them...

My favorite disney characters are as follows (in no order because i love them all the same (I agree with Katy on this))

♥ The Cheshire Cat- because he is goofy
♥ Maleficant- b/c she is just so out right cool
♥ Eeyore- cuz hes Eeyore
♥ Mushu- cuz he cracks me up

Favorite Disneyland Rides

♥ Haunted Mansion- Because thats where I got engaged :)
♥ Space Mountain
♥ Thunder Mountain
♥ Indiana Jones
♥ Pirates of the Caribbean
♥ The Tiki Room- even tho its a show more than a ride.

Favourite thing about Disney

♥Everything! Whats not to like?


♥ I'm married to the love of my life.
♥ We got engaged over Disney's 50th Anniversary weekend on the Haunted Mansion Ride.
♥ I am also an avid horror movie fan which doesn't make sense but oh well.
♥ I have 6 kitties.
♥ I love meeting and talking to new people.
♥ I love video games.

okie thats all...

♥ Sarah

The pic is of me and my hubby on our pseudo Honeymoon! if its too big let me know!

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